Who We Are

Fortafy was conceived out of our experiences working with nonprofits who have adopted a database technology but have not maintained the health and integrity of one of their most sacred assets – their constituent data. Many nonprofits struggle to find someone with the depth and breadth of expertise, leaving this critical work up to the “accidental administrator” or the most technically competent board member or friend of the family.

And in some cases the technology is fairly simple and straight-forward, and this can work.  However, a number of nonprofits are adopting Salesforce because they are enticed by the 10 free licenses offered by the Salesforce Foundation.   But Salesforce is anything but free and neither is it an “out-of-the-box” application.

Our Mission

Fortafy’s mission is the provide nonprofits an easy and cost-effective way to maintain the day-to-day health and integrity of Salesforce.

Virtual Salesforce Administrator

We do this through an ‘Uber’ model, matching nonprofits with certified Virtual Salesforce Administrators with nonprofit experience.  While some consultants provide retainers on an hourly rate for “anything and everything“, Fortafy’s goal is to give you what and as much as you need to cover the day-to-day tasks. Then when you need more advanced features or functionality, or require some expertise beyond Salesforce, we can work with you to find the right resource either from our team or through partnerships we’ve established.

Why Fortafy?

Our is not a unique story, but it’s our story. We are seasoned technology experts with over 40 years of combined experience designing and developing technology solutions. We decided that it was more important to us to work with the people we care about and trust (each other), to surround ourselves with people who inspire us to “goodness” (that’s you), and to apply our years of technology experience to helping others (that’s Fortafy).

Sean Ramsey

Sean Ramsey

Co-Founder, Chief Strategist

Tennis, my three beautiful daughters, my loving wife, our cute-as-can-be Cavachon, and my passion for the social impact of technology. I have a background in Project Management, Product Management and Product Marketing. I dabble in user experience and I am a total design hack.

Home base: Austin, TX
Favorite food: Indian… no, Italian… dammit Mexican.. all so good
Farthest travelled: Peru

Sean Ramsey

Mark Gaither

Co-Founder, Chief Technologist

As a kid, I watched every episode of Quincy, the all-knowing, all-seeing TV forensic pathologist. I was fascinated by the forensic process, solving for the truth – which drives me still today.

Since Texas A&M matriculated me in Computer Science in 1990, I’ve lived and worked in Austin, TX. I’m going on 26 years of memorable live music, cold beer and great Tex-Mex food. After discovering that corporate work made my heart hurt, I found myself at a crossroads and eventually took a short-term job at LIVESTRONG as a database analyst and Salesforce administrator/developer. It was there that the “frying pan” moment happened – living and working with “do-gooders” making my heart soar like a hawk and finally, my heart no longer hurt.

I continue to drink the Salesforce kool-aide, looking for new truths, applying forensics processes to data. Dr. Quincy, to the data center. Stat!

Home base: Pflugerville, TX
Favorite food: Pho from Pho Saigon
Farthest travelled: Vietnam