Virtual Salesforce Administration for Non-profits

Fortafy helps non-profits maximize the value of Salesforce.

Get the Help You Need

Let’s face it, maintaining Salesforce requires technical knowledge that is difficult to maintain with your in-house staff, and finding certified Salesforce Administrators with nonprofit expertise is a challenge. If you’re looking to get the most out of your Salesforce investment, consider Fortafy’s team of Virtual Salesforce Administrators.

Fortafy assigns a  Salesforce certified Virtual team member to your account:
  • Who specializes in Salesforce NPSP and related technologies
  • At a fraction of the cost for a full-time equivalent
  • Who will work with your organization at the capacity that fits your specific needs
Fortafy’s personalized administrative packages include:
  • A Salesforce-certified Virtual Team Member assigned to your account
  • Daily maintenance for the health of your database
  • Access to our team of experts with nonprofit experience
  • On-going Salesforce training and support for your staff
  • Pay options for advanced services or development
Fortafy’s administrators take a Product Owner attitude when managing your Salesforce:
  • Leveraging Agile best practices for building and grooming a backlog
  • Weekly or bi-weekly prioritization meetings with you
  • Collaborating through best-of-breed project management software

Your Virtual Team Member

Your certified administrator is an expert with both Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and they have a team of Fortafy team members with which to collaborate. So you’re not getting a single resource — you’re getting a team!

Consult and mentor your staff

Each plan comes with “Ask an Expert” hours with your Virtual Team Member. Use this time to explore new ideas or to ask basic Salesforce questions.

Ensure continuity

Hiring and retaining qualified database administrators is difficult to sustain considering technical expertise, attrition and other operational factors. Fortafy maintains continuity for the life of your account.

Maintain a healthy database

Data deduplication, orphaned records, as well as data and file management are essential tasks of any database administrator. This is our specialty. Leverage Fortafy so you can focus on what you do best – your mission!

Provide experience & expertise

Fortafy provides an easy way to scale your team and immediately add certified administrators with multiple years of experience without going through a recruiting process or taking on an FTE.

With the help of the team at Fortafy, we recently transitioned to SalesForce. What a relief to be able to offload the regular maintenance to the experts so that our team can focus on delivering programs instead of de-duping records!

Additionally, there are always questions that arise after any big transition.  Fortafy has continued to be timely and personable in their communications with us and always comes up with a workable solution.

Your data is your livelihood – it’s great to know ours is in such good hands. Thanks Fortafy!

Stephanie Welsh
Executive Director, RAFT Colorado

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RAFT Colorado
RAFT Colorado


Plans and Pricing

Leverage a virtual administrator to maintain a healthy system.
All plans billed annually. See Terms and Conditions for additional details.

Questions You Might Have

What if I need more work than just basic administration?

Fortafy has three plans: Basic, Essential Admin and Elite Support.  All of these plans were designed to support your organization at the level you require, but sometimes you need more advanced capabilities . Talk to your ViSA about what you’re wanting to do and we’ll work with you to scope the work and provide a project estimate or refer you to one of our trusted partners.

How do you maintain the security and privacy of my data.

The security and health of your database is top priority for our administrators. We maintain strict guidelines for the sharing and use of user accounts and we insist on never sending or storing data without proper encryption or security techniques.

Will I need to get another Salesforce license?

As your Virtual Administrator, we will need System Administrator access to your instance of Salesforce. Having this will ensure that we are able to effectively administer your system and provide an audit trail for you and your team of our work. We also highly recommend having a dedicated ‘integration user’ if you are integration third-party applications like Classy, Click & Pledge, Donorbox, Mail Chimp, etc. While not required it is best practice and makes troubleshooting issues easier. Talk to your Salesforce Account Manager for more information about additional licenses.

How can I cost justify this?

You were attracted to Salesforce because of the power and flexibility of the platform as well as the 10 free user licenses provided by the Salesforce Foundation. However, Salesforce is not free nor should you think that it is. Maintenance and support of your key constituent and donor database is critical. The cost of maintaining an unhealthy system will far outweigh the costs of an annual support license from a knowledgeable resource like Fortafy. Our goal is to make to make this as cost-effective and as easy as possible so that you realize the value immediately.

Can you help with me with other technologies or applications?

The Basic plan was designed to provide Virtual Salesforce Administration to support your organization.  We recognize, however, that a nonprofit’s technology stack spans broader then their donor database. Our Essential and Elite Plans both include support for Add-on Application Support. We have experience in a variety of technologies, including WordPress, Drupal, Wix and popular email marketing systems like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor. See our list of Add-On Applications and talk to your ViSA about what you’re wanting to do.

Where would my ViSA be located?

All of our Virtual Salesforce Administrators are located in the United States. Fortafy leverages skilled Salesforce professionals with non-profit experience. These people sometimes have full-time jobs and are seeking additional income, while some work full time for a portfolio of clients.